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This website explains –step by step- how to buy or sell property in France.

It includes the acquisition of companies and of real estate. Additionally, the site includes information on renting or letting property in France.

In most cases, real estate transfers smoothly, because France is a civilized country, where a contract is a contract, where the government has regulated many aspects of the process and where the great majority of the notaries are ladies and gentlemen who do their work with the utmost care.
It is possible to buy or sell property in France with limited or no risks. However, sometimes things go terribly wrong.

Sometimes problems are caused by malicious sellers or agents, but most of the problems are caused by naive buyers: buyers who will sign just any piece of paper or buyers who will take no advice and try to figure it out, all alone, without fully understanding the language, the law and the culture.

In the process of buying or selling property or a company in France, everything hinges on a good compromis de vente. If this contract is well drafted, carefully considered and complete, not much can go wrong. So: LET SOMEBODY READ YOUR COMPROMIS DE VENTE, somebody who has actually seen such a document before and understands the rules and regulations in France. Anything that is included in the compromis de vente may be important, but what is left out may be even more important! And if you have rarely seen such a contract, chances are that you overlook important details, even if you have an excellent command of the French language.

Every case, every dossier is unique!

The information on this web site is independent; we are not real estate agents. If you need assistance in evaluating your own dossier, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be able to assist you in Dutch, English and of course French.

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